We design things that change behavior.

We help partners build systems that reliably precipitate difficult behaviors, from retirement saving to dietary changes to medication adherence to voting.

Our team has helped startups flourish into acquisitions, guided incumbents into new approaches and industries, and collaborated with public sector and nonprofit organizations as they achieved unprecedented impact.

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Rethinking organizational outreach helped engage millions of voters 48x more efficiently

A ground-breaking collaboration with Hustle turned a lightly-used political outreach channel into a game-changer for campaigns and impressive revenue growth for the company. Our work started at the idea phase and ended with the solution being adopted by top US political candidates and nonprofits, helping them mobilize their supporters with unprecedented cost-effectiveness.

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A multilayered approach to medication adherence led to a 50% better rate of HIV protection

We helped San Francisco’s Dept. of Public Health deliver a solution that may very well save lives. A novel mix of SMS reminders, medication support chat, AI, and physical product design for pillboxes helped keep a vulnerable population protected from HIV in a forthcoming clinical study.

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Reducing cognitive friction enabled an automated savings plan that takes less than 15 minutes to set up

A fintech partner was building tools for a challenging population: high-turnover hourly workers who rarely think about their financial future. We helped them frame the benefits of savings automation and simplify the process to maximize engagement. The result was a streamlined setup process that involved almost no math or typing, helping convert a much larger portion of employees.

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An overhaul of conventional hypertension treatment brought 50% more patients’ blood pressure to their goal in 1/3 the time

We helped a startup reimagine how patients’ medications and blood pressure are managed in the clinic. The novel operational workflow and suite of patient- and provider-facing apps led to game-changing results.

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Rethinking engagement in medical research helped create the biggest long-term digital health study ever

We’ve partnered with UCSF’s innovative Health eHeart Study from day 1. Since then, it’s enrolled over 100,000 participants, collected an unprecedented level of health data, secured over $10mm in grants, and enabled novel health discoveries in multiple publications. A unique design approach and engagement strategy has delivered better compliance and retention than the team’s most optimistic projections.

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A dramatic pivot helped Thistle go from $0 to several million in ARR within a year

The team at Thistle never struggled to make incredible food and juices, but its initial on-demand model limited its potential. We delivered an end-to-end solution that enabled their thriving subscription business, including all product design and development for their subscription marketing presence and booking tools.

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Redesigned inventory management workflows and a mobile-first approach helped Rategain surpass 50% CAGR in the last 3 years

Rategain partnered with us on their iOS and Android presence, which required significant reimagining of complex price-setting and inventory workflows for the hospitality industry. Their 12,000 customers including names like Marriott, Priceline, and Hertz needed a solution that enabled on-the-go surveillance of competitors’ pricing and market demand, along with an ability to easily manage hotel, flight, and rental car offerings across multiple brands and countries. The industry-leading mobile solution we designed has helped Rategain expand its client list, grow revenue, and receive accolades like being named to Deloitte’s Fast50 list.

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A revamped user experience funnel led to 94% satisfaction for a novel autism diagnostic, and 78% of high-risk families completing a video evaluation

Cognoa enables any family to get accurate data on their children’s risk of autism and developmental delay in the privacy of their own home from a mobile device. Their proprietary survey and video evaluation technology are clinically validated, though their commercial solution initially saw lower-than-expected rates for the video tools. An improved design and product voice helped create the trust the product needed to help more families.

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A streamlining of pharmacy workflows helped mscripts engage millions of patients

Our collaboration with mscripts saw a revamp of its web and mobile pharmacy platform, which has been trusted to serve patients by Safeway, Meijer, and Target. The mscripts solution goes far beyond filling prescriptions, including innovative approaches to adherence like co-pay coupons delivered for measurable engagement with the care plan.

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Innovative self-service and onboarding tools helped make Salesforce1 a juggernaut

At one point, despite incredible adoption in the market, Salesforce was seen as a laggard in areas like design, user experience, and onboarding. Their culture and capabilities evolved to where they are now a leader in these areas, and the groundbreaking work on Salesforce1 was a major beachhead. We partnered with this team on information architecture, application templating, and ready-made components to enable customers to easily build their own apps. SF1 is now used by nearly a million clients in over 125 countries.

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Behavioral design for weight loss helped make Rise a compelling acquisition target

We helped design the customer- and dietician-facing experiences at Rise, both during their initial MVP and subsequent full-scale release. Lauded in the media from CNN to Vanity Fair, Rise’s novel approach resonated strongly with its audience. The company reached $1mm in revenue in its first year of operation, and was ultimately acquired by The One Medical Group, which still operates the service.

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Virtual visits helped Mass. General Hospital create 5x efficiency gains for clinicians

We helped Partners Healthcare design and develop one of the first virtual visit platforms which was clinically-validated to improve efficiency. Average patient eVisit times were 8.3 minutes, and clinician review times averaged just 3.6 minutes. Moreover, the therapeutic effectiveness of virtual visits was not statistically significant from in-person care, which may be a key to solving serious resourcing issues in the nation’s highest-rated state for healthcare.

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Data visualization informed by cognitive schemas helped IT.com acquire new customers

The team at IT.com developed a novel machine-learning and AI-driven approach to improving customer service, but some customers saw its dashboards to be as complex as its algorithms. We helped redesign their flagship products to drive better usability and engagement when working with mammoth customer support data stores, like those belonging to GE, Merrill Lynch, and CitiGroup. Concepts for the new product vision were previewed during negotiations with VMWare, and helped contribute to a successful deal.

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Understanding the patient journey helped Breakthrough become a leader in mental health treatment, and subsequently acquired

Our work with Breakthrough saw an incredibly deep research effort, from both academic and user experience research perspectives. An overhaul of their design language and positioning, a revamp of appointment booking workflows, and the standardization of therapist profiles led to dramatic engagement lift. 8 out of 10 patients reported improved symptoms after treatment, and 84% reported they’d recommend the service to others. MDLive added Breakthrough to its suite of industry-leading telemedicine products in a strategic acquisition.

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Big data and behavioral design enable CancerIQ to more than double efficiency in genomic oncology workflows

We helped CancerIQ design an award-winning suite of tools for scaling genetic cancer risk assessment and treatment. Its tools reduce time spent on clerical tasks from 70% to under 20% for clinic personnel, along with enabling over 85% of patients to fully self-assess cancer risk. Clinics which use the solution have seen improved genetics referral uptake by up to 5x, opening the world of genetics-informed cancer treatment to patients where it was not before possible.

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An engagement-first redesign of health content helped contribute to 30x audience growth

We partnered with a consumer health content website on a full rethink of some of their most important products, including medication, physician-facing, and disease management content. This work led to significant in some cases exponential improvements in engagement metrics, which helped contribute to the site’s explosive growth alongside other crucial business initiatives. This included a 30+% increase in year-over-year revenue, partly driven by improvements in advertising content on these products.